Our purpose

Our purpose is:

“To give our customers access to affordable, worry-free mobility”.

No matter what, supporting our customers is our number one priority. Since 1978 our purpose has been to enable our customers to use their mobility allowance to lease a car, powered wheelchair or scooter, achieving everyday freedom.

Our customers, our people, and our partners define and inspire what we do. Challenging times have given us the opportunity to prove the strength of our purpose and commitment to those who matter most:

Our customers

We take an individual view of customers, so during recent lockdown restrictions, customers were given the option to keep their current vehicle for an extended period, so they didn’t have to worry about renewing their lease. We also provided insurance rebates, and for anyone with exceptional financial needs, the chance to receive their end of contract Good Condition Bonus immediately.

our purpose 1

Our people

We are passionate about the safety and wellbeing of our people, so responded early to support and reassure them as the Covid-19 pandemic developed. Taking advantage of the resilience built into our infrastructure, we quickly enabled home-working and invested in technology to make sure this change was hassle-free and efficient. We have also worked hard to create Covid-secure office spaces so that employees can visit the office when they need to, safely.

 our purpose 2

Our partners

We value our partners highly, as their collaboration and expertise are fundamental to the services we offer. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked closely with them and created greater levels of flexibility and support, such as accelerated billing to assist with cash flow.

our purpose 3