Our strategy

Delivering our strategy through core values

Our values help us make sure we meet the needs and expectations of customers. We embrace diversity, which gives us a broader perspective and enhances our performance, creating better value.

To make sure we always deliver this exceptional value for customers, we have defined four strategic pillars. These give us a clear framework to align our business objectives, strategic initiatives, performance targets and plans. Together, our people, principles, culture and values allow us to deliver these objectives.

Building our expertise

We aim to deliver excellent customer service consistently throughout each lease and demonstrate a depth of disability expertise, both for customers and employees.

Providing value and choice

We always make sure we offer a wide range of vehicles at competitive, affordable prices

Improving reach and awareness

We aim to create greater awareness and understanding of the Scheme across our potential market. In this way, we can attract new customers.

Ensuring long-term sustainability

Our business model, people, finances and infrastructure are all geared towards protecting the long-term sustainability of the Scheme. Discover more about our goals, KPIs, objectives and performance in our 2020 Annual ReportOpens in new window

Our five core values

To meet our customers’ needs, we must be a truly sustainable organisation. To make sure we are, we have defined five core values, which create a framework for our business objectives, planning and performance targets.

These clear values help us improve and safeguard our long-term viability.