Our strategy


We have defined four strategic pillars which set a clear framework for our business objectives, performance targets and business planning.

The sustainability of our company is an essential part of being able to meet our customers’ needs. Our strategic thinking helps us to become a better organisation and ensure our long-term viability.

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Our strategic framework

The way in which we deliver the Scheme is designed to maximise the value we provide to customers. We are commercial in our approach and ensure that we benchmark well to market best-practice.


Ensure long-term sustainability


KPIsCredit rating

We seek to preserve our relative credit rating with our robust approach to financial and risk management and through the flexibility of our pricing process. Our ratings are A+/A1 with stable/positive outlooks from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s respectively.


Average Debt Maturity

The Group aims to retain a well-laddered debt maturity profile in order to effectively manage refinancing risk. Following bank and bond refinancing activities during the year, the average debt maturity profile increased by over 20% to 7.93 years.


Employee engagement

We participate in an independent annual review of business culture, where we have significantly outperformed the ‘High-Performing Organisations’ benchmark. Employee engagement is 10% higher than the benchmark.


We seek to create improved awareness and understanding of the Scheme proposition within our potential market. In doing so, we attract new customers to the Scheme.


Long-term sustainability is fundamental to the delivery of the other three strategic pillars. From a financial perspective we seek to ensure that we maintain a robust balance sheet and reserves base capable of tolerating market volatility, and that we secure longevity of funding on competitive terms capable of supporting our range of fleet expectations. This, in turn, allows stability of pricing through the economic cycle. We regard the enhancement of our reputation and the continuation of the support we enjoy across our stakeholder groups as pivotal to our sustained success.


  • Maintain a prudent reserves policy that provides financial strength adequate for us to withstand the impact of potential shock events
  • Create opportunities to access wider sources of competitive funding. We aim to maintain our credit rating, enabling us to secure the most appropriate funding at competitive rates
  • Continue to nurture effective partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Maintain a forward-looking environmental policy, ensuring availability of a range of low-emission vehicles, but balancing our customers’ needs with CO2 considerations
  • Ensure that our premises and information technology infrastructure are robust and future-proof
  • Attract and retain quality people.
img Through our engaged and motivated workforce we ensure that we deliver excellent customer service and provide value to our customers

Build our customer and disability expertise


KPIsOverall customer satisfaction

We deliver by listening to our customers and ensuring that we meet their requirements. We target independently measured customer satisfaction of at least 92%.


Calls answered within 20 seconds

We have successfully met our target of answering 80% of calls within 20 seconds for the last nine years.


Roadside assistance average response time

Mobility is a priority to our customers – in the event of a breakdown our customers receive priority assistance, and with an average response time of 38.9 minutes during the last six months (compared with a KPI target of < 42 minutes), customers are quickly attended to and are mobile again.


We aim to maintain consistently excellent levels of customer service throughout the leasing proposition, and demonstrate disability expertise in our approach to our customers and in our role as an employer.


Understanding our customers is critical to our success. By listening and responding to their feedback, we are able to adapt our proposition and focus our resources on their needs. Our success is dependent on our ability to deliver a Scheme that meets our customers’ requirements and provides excellent service. Development of our disability expertise is fundamental to our success in understanding our customers and the delivery of our customer service aspirations


  • Deliver best-practice customer service through our call centre
  • Ensure that the standard of services deployed through all suppliers is commensurate with our internal targets
  • Build our adaptation and conversion expertise to ensure that customers have a seamless experience and that we are recognised for the excellence of our ‘one-stop-shop’ service
  • Provide our customers with the information and tools they need to select a suitable car from the wide range available
  • Provide information to support decision-making to meet customers’ mobility needs
  • Work with disability organisations for guidance and support.
img We listen to our customers and by better understanding their needs aim to provide first-class customer service

Improve reach and awareness


KPIsTrust in Motability

Since 2012 we have measured customers’ trust in the Motability ‘brand’. Trust is considered to be key in enabling current and potential customers to make an informed and confident choice on a mobility solution that meets their disability needs and, in turn, strengthens customer advocacy of the Scheme.


Customer renewal rate at the end of lease

Whether customers decide to renew their business at the end of the lease is a key measure of our success in delivering affordability, choice and customer service.

During the year to September 2014 this was maintained at 92%, compared with a KPI target of 85%.


Customer advocacy

Existing customers are the Scheme’s biggest advocates, with over 98% saying that they would recommend the Scheme to others.


We seek to create improved awareness and understanding of the Scheme proposition within our potential market. In doing so, we attract new customers to the Scheme.


Through promoting greater understanding of the Scheme proposition, we seek to develop better-informed potential customers who are well positioned to evaluate its benefits.
Fundamental to this is the loyalty and trust of our existing customers, with renewal rates being closely linked to our success in delivering sustained affordability and excellent customer service.


  • Raise understanding of Scheme elements and confidence and trust in the Scheme
  • Maximise effectiveness of multimedia channels in increasing understanding within the eligible customer base
  • Identify and, where appropriate, remove any barriers for potential customers
  • Continue to encourage dealers to promote the Scheme in line with our brand.
img We aim to ensure that customers can make informed decisions and understand the value of the Motability proposition

Provide value and choice


KPIsAffordable vehicle choice

We aim to maintain the availability of at least 200 cars that are funded solely by the assignment of the customer’s disability allowance.


Relative affordability –
% cheaper than alternative

We benchmark ourselves using commercial contract hire quotations and aim to be at least 25% cheaper. These are usually unavailable to the general public and are likely to be less expensive than personal contract purchase quotations. Our economies of scale, operational efficiencies and a VAT concession deliver the majority of this differential.


% of vehicles sold online at the end of lease

Selling via our online sales channel, ‘mfldirect’, provides an effective, low-cost route to market which facilitates the management of our high volume of disposals, and also ensures a competitive sales environment through which to maximise our net return.


We provide a wide range of vehicles to our customers at competitive and affordable prices.


We believe that customers should be able to choose from a wide selection of vehicles. Within this offering we are committed to providing a range of affordable models which are suitable for our customers’ needs.
To this end we seek to leverage our purchasing power and ensure that we manage our cost base on commercial terms – the aim being to provide value without compromising choice or quality.


  • Maintain a range of at least 200 cars at ‘nil advance payment’
  • Provide a wide selection of vehicle models and brands
  • Ensure that our residual value-setting and forecasting is the best in the industry
  • Provide our customers with the information and tools they need to select a suitable car from the wide range available
  • Provide stability in pricing and choice throughout the economic cycle
  • Retain our market leadership for vehicle remarketing.
img Customers can choose from a wide range of products at affordable prices