Graduate Programme Application Process

What's the application process?

Whether you join on the Operations or IT and Business Management stream, our application process is simple and entirely virtual - just complete the application form and answer a few short statements. We are interested in you as a person, so we won't make you sit through any psychometric tests, but it is therefore important to make your initial application stand out to our recruitment team. If we have been impressed by your application, the process is then:

  • We will invite you to a telephone interview with our recruitment team
  • If successful, you will then be invited to a half-day assessment centre which will be over Zoom
  • If you shine at the assessment centre, we will then invite you to a final interview with two of our senior leaders

When should I apply?

If you would like to apply to our Graduate Programme please read our application guidance notes Will download a resource(PDF 110KB) first, as these outline our minimum requirements for your application and CV

The Motability Operations Graduate Programme is now closed for our October 2021 intake.

Applications for the 2021 intake are now closed. Please check back in Autumn 2021 for our 2022 intake. 

Tips to submit a great application

  1. Do your research

    Explore our website. Motability Operations is a special company to work for and is unique in the market - we act like a FTSE 100 company in that we are commercially driven, but are flexible and forward-thinking when it comes to our customers and our employees. Our values are what make us stand out. Show us in your CV and supporting questions that you understand and embody these values.

  2. Highlight why you want to work for us 

    You may have prior experience that makes you perfect for our Graduate Programme, but why do you want to work at Motability Operations? 96% of our employees would recommend Motability Operations as a great place to work and our people are the driving force behind our success, so make it clear why you want to join us in our mission to provide worry-free mobility to thousands of disabled people. Focusing on the factors that have drawn you to our company is as important as demonstrating that you have the necessary skills and experience to excel.
  3. Be specific and give examples 
    If you had a weekend job whilst at university then let us know, but it’s important that we see what you learnt or what skills you developed as a result. Remember: The STAR method is your friend in the supporting questions section - that’s Situation-Task-Action-Result.

    Situation - tell us a little about the background to your example
    Task – let us know the goal you were working toward
    Action – this should be where you focus most of your answer. We want to know what role you took (not your team) to achieve success
    Result – did you achieve what you set out to achieve? Whether you did or you didn’t - what did you learn from the experience?
  4. BUT, be succinct 

    Whilst we want to hear specific examples from your experience, your CV and supporting questions will shine when you can convey key information without the waffle. Keep your CV to a maximum of two A4 pages and consider using bullet points to highlight your main achievements in each role. Your responses to the supporting questions should only address the question asked and be clear for our team to see that you have demonstrated our values in your prior experience. One line responses won’t be enough, though, so you will need to find the balance between demonstrating your experience fully and delivering a focused answer. We receive hundreds of applications for only a handful of posts, so make it easy for us to see that you should be considered at interview.