Motability Operations launches new customer trial with Charge Fairy

Customer trial with Charge Fairy

5 July 2022

With our commitment to support our customers through a worry-free transition to electric vehicles (EVs), we’ve been busy trialling innovative charging solutions suitable for Motability Scheme customers. The newest partner on this journey, is Charge Fairy. During the trial a group of Motability Scheme customers have been piloting their mobile electric car charging service.

Charge Fairy was created to remove some of the barriers to everyday electric vehicle charging. The team offer a portable charging solution that comes to you. The technology offers an innovative solution that measures a customer’s usage and charging stats. When charge levels run low, they’ll send out one of the team to top up your EV. The customer pilot has been designed with this in mind, and to understand whether offering a mobile and full-service solution will reduce charging anxiety amongst our customers.

Although the UK public charging infrastructure is growing, there is still some work to do to ensure public chargers are accessible for all. With the support of Motability, the Charity, and the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, BSI have recently opened a public consultation with the aim of providing standards to improve the accessibility of public chargers. Meanwhile, charging anxiety remains a real concern for many Motability Scheme customers, as we transition to electric. Therefore, we need to find alternative solutions to home charging that are both accessible and reliable and available for everyone.

Jonathan Jenkins, Head of Innovation at Motability Operations, said:

“With over 600,000 Motability Scheme cars on the UK roads, many of our customers will be reliant on the public charging network when they make the transition to electric. It is great to find services, like @ChargeFairy’s, that offer an alternative and practical solution to public charging for our customers to trial.”

Ed Lea, Founder at Charge Fairy says:

“We are very excited to be working with Motability Operations to support Motability Scheme customers on this trial. Charge Fairy was launched because we wanted to make it as easy as possible for anybody to drive an electric car.
‘’The reality at the moment is that if you cannot charge at home, then the need to keep your electric vehicle charged takes a lot of planning and time. Range anxiety has been replaced with charger anxiety. However, this pilot means we can provide Motability Scheme customers with a solution and reduce some of the worry about charging their car.’’


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