Motability Operations partners with Bonnet to trial their EV charging app

Motability Operations partners with Bonnet

4 August 2022

With the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) fast approaching, Motability Scheme customers have been trialling a range of charging solutions. One of these trials is with BonnetOpens in new window. The aim of this trail is to support Scheme customers by simplifying public charging and help provide worry-free access to mobility when they make the switch to electric.

With an increasing number of charging point providers, each with different payment methods and apps, public charging can be needlessly complicated. Many Motability Scheme customers who do not have access to off-street parking, will be reliant on public charging and Motability Operations is working hard to find viable solutions for customers.

Bonnet is a payment aggregator that connects over 17+ different charging apps into one simple app. Their aim is to provide the best EV charging experience possible for users by providing them with accurate and live data for each charge point as well as standardised pricing.

Jonathan Jenkins, Head of Innovation at Motability Operations, said:

“Over 40% of customers on the Motability Scheme are estimated to have no off-street parking and are likely to rely on the public charging network. We must find solutions that reduce the complexity of away-from-home charging. Bonnet places simplicity at the heart of their proposition, and we are excited to be working with them to support our customers as they transition to EVs.

Patrick Reich, co-founder and CEO of Bonnet, said:

“We’re pleased to announce that Motability Operations are currently trialling the Bonnet app, to accommodate EV users who are reliant on public charging.

Bonnet’s mission is to make EV charging accessible for everyone – regardless of where you live and who you are, and we’re confident that the platform will prove to be a key support to Motability’s customers – especially as the number of people choosing EVs continues to grow.”


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