Our business works to provide outstanding value for customers, while ensuring long-term stability for the Scheme. Although we are a private company, we do not pay shareholder dividends; all profits are reinvested to support customers, or donated to Motability to support solutions for disabled people.

Our business model

We focus on affordable, worry-free motoring. We do this by securing a range of models at the lowest possible price, and investing in improvements to services, including subsidies for adaptations and converted vehicles. We plan carefully to make sure that customers are protected from economic shocks.

Our investors and corporate structure

Motability Operations is funded via a combination of capital market (bonds) and bank finance. A key principle guiding the approach to financing the Scheme is our strategic intent to ensure the Scheme's long-term sustainability. With this in mind, Motability Operations has developed a competitive and well-diversified profile of borrowing, with an appropriately laddered maturity profile - ensuring we maintain adequate liquidity to meet current and projected future requirements.

Motability Operations recognises the importance of developing the trust and confidence of its investors. We work to develop partnerships for the long-term and aim to be open and transparent in our communications with investors and potential investors.

Motability Operations has developed a Social Bond Framework under which it can raise debt to support the financing and refinancing of activities of a social nature, supporting the company’s purpose of providing customers with access to affordable, worry-free mobility. DNV GL Business Assurance Services UK Limited has been commissioned by Motability Operations to provide a Second Party Opinion external review of the Framework.

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